Rasdaman Code Guide

Don't expect others to clean up your code

An open-source project is fun, but it requires a great deal of discipline to make all the code seamless that is coming from the developers worldwide. If everybody just follow their individual coding style - no matter how ingenious the code is - then the whole project will soon become unmaintainable.

To avoid this, rasdaman provides this code guide - don't worry, it contains as few rules as possible, just enough to achieve overall coherence. Although written for C++, mutatis mutandis it applies to Java, Javascript, and even scripts.

  • Rules that have to be fulfilled strictly.
  • Recommendations which serve as suggestions for a 'better' coding style.
  • Examples to show how code should be written according to the guidelines.

Please understand that, while we always highly appreciate your contributions, we may have to reject your patch if it breaks this code guide. Your successors looking at the code will be most grateful for your efforts.

Credits: This code guide has been established by the rasdaman team based on the codeguide originally developed by Roland Ritsch who in turn has crafted it along the style guide of ELLEMTEL/Norway. Any eventual error is ours, of course.

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