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Rasdaman community is provided under the terms of the rasdaman Contributor Agreement which is part of the license described on the page you are reading.

Rasdaman community is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License / GNU General Public License at for more details.

Code License

The rasdaman community code is licensed in a way to allow use of the system in virtually any-license software systems:

  • client libraries (such as libraslib.a) and applications (such as rasql) as well as the OGC frontends (that is: the petascope servlet): LGPL version 3; see file COPYING.LESSER in the source tree root.
  • Server-side executables (such as rasserver and rasmgr): GPL version 3; see file COPYING in the source tree root.

See the standard header in each file in the source tree to determine its respective license scheme.

Why This Dual Scheme? In short: For maximizing both free use and community return. We chose GPL for the server because

On the other hand, rasdaman can be used embedded in other systems as well: the LGPL client connectors allow for an uninhibited inclusion (such as linking) of the rasdaman client libraries with code of any licensing model, including proprietary, aslong as LGPL regulations are adhered to.

Why do code suppliers have to accept the Rasdaman Contribution Agreement? Because we need to maintain a strict code provenance in order to allow us to rightfully make this code available under the conditions stated above. In other words: should there be some code which conflicts with the GPL / LGPL regulations we claim then you, as a user of rasdaman, would run the risk of possibly getting "infected" by incompatible licenses. Organizations like Open Source Geo Foundation, OSGeo check this for open-source projects, and we indeed are undergoing a detailed provenance review (on single file granularity!) during rasdaman's OSGeo incubation.

What is the relation between rasdaman community and rasdaman enterprise? This question is answered in the Features section.

Finally, see Disclaimer.

Wiki and Documentation License

Creative Commons License
All rasdaman information and documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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