OSGeo-Live DVD Guide

The OSGeo-Live DVD distribution contains a rasdaman installation that can be used straight out of the box. The simplest way to get started is with downloading a virtual image that can be booted by something like VirtualBox or VMWare.

  1. Download and extract the virtual machine image here.
  2. Create a new VM in VirtualBox and use the extracted .vmdk file as a hard disk.
  3. Boot the new VM, default user is with username user and password user.
  4. Start the rasdaman server by going to Geospatial -> Databases -> Rasdaman -> Start Rasdaman Server
  5. There is a bug that needs to be fixed in order to start the rasdaview client:
    • open the terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal Emulator)
    • type
      sudo nano /usr/local/rasdaman/bin/rasdaview
    • replace the last line with
      cd $RASVIEWHOME && ./rview.bin
    • type Ctrl-O to save, and Ctrl-X to exit
  6. In the terminal type rasdaview to start the GUI client.
  7. Enter the connection details to connect to the rasdaman server (password is rasguest), and click Open:

Now you can execute some queries, e.g. in rView go to File -> Query, and type

select c from lena as c

Double click on the Result 0, or alternatively Item -> Open All will show the result in the selected Display Mode.

For further information see the Query Language Guide for rasql here, as well as the Geospatial -> Databases -> Rasdaman -> Rasdaman-Earthlook Demo in the OSGeo-Live VM.

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