Rasdaman Development Guidelines

We'd like to encourage everyone to contribute to the project in whatever ways they can. This is a volunteer project; all help is greatly appreciated.

We don't have a rigid styleguide or set of rules for contributing to rasdaman; however, with the goal of making things easier for all developers, here are a few suggestions:

  • Get feedback from other people

This is what the Mailing Lists and this Trac project management system are for. It is always a good idea to talk to other devs on the mailing lists before submitting changes.

  • Use Trac tickets

This is important to track progress and activity. If you start working on an issue, accept the ticket. After you have finished, close the ticket, and add information about the changeset in the comment field. Provide also progress information when you make relevant changes as described in the UseOfTickets page

  • Write tests

Please write tests for new functionality. See RasdamanTestSuites for instructions. We ask you for your understanding that patches are likely to get rejected if they do not contain adequate additions to the systemtest.

  • Stick to the Coding Standards

The rasdaman code guide is mandatory for all code. We ask you for your understanding that patches are likely to get rejected if they do not adhere to this guide.

  • Use meaningful commit messages and reference tickets

such messages help developers to understand what your goal and intent is. Further, it eases writing of release notes for new versions. Note that patches not starting with "ticket:nnn" will be automatically rejected.

  • Release process

Release process to follow for an new rasdaman release version is documented in RasdamanReleaseProcess page.

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